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Builtrix among top 25 Scale-ups in Portugal

Jan 1, 2024

We are very proud to be recognized among the Top 25 Scale-ups in Portugal and the Top 10 Clean Tech Scale-ups by EIT Digital and BGI. Builtrix's Energy Intelligence platform stands out for its commitment to delivering substantial value to our customers. Our solution goes beyond conventional offerings, providing an innovative tool that empower energy experts, ESG consultants, and facility managers.

Builtrix's Energy Intelligence platform automatically collect energy data from real estate properties and calculate carbon emission data that facilitates seamless compliance with EU regulations such as CSRD, SFRD, and Sustainability Reporting. We take pride in delivering verifiable, traceable, and high-quality data, ensuring our clients have the confidence they need for efficient auditing aligned with EU taxonomy.

Moreover, our platform excels in uncovering energy-saving opportunities in real estate properties, enabling our clients to save energy costs. By automatically collecting and calculating carbon emission data, Builtrix contributes to not only cost savings but also environmental sustainability.

Being selected as a top-scale company is a testament to our continuous commitment to innovation and excellence in the energy data industry. Builtrix remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to optimize energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and navigate the evolving landscape of clean technology. We look forward to furthering our impact and contributing to the transformative use of energy in Portugal and beyond.

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