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energy data

Energy Management

We are a trusted partner for energy managers and facility directors who handle many properties. We offer an integration that's seamless and doesn't require upfront costs. Builtrix empowers you to make smart decisions based on data, promote energy efficiency, and turn your properties into efficient, sustainable places. Our solution helps to uncover abnormalities and energy-saving opportunities in a few clicks in all of your portfolio properties.

Commercial Buildings

Uncover Abnormalities & Energy Saving Opportunities In your Buildings

Gain complete control over your properties' energy consumption and production on a global scale


Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed choices backed by data, not guesswork. Builtrix provides you with clear, actionable insights to drive your energy management strategy.


Cost Savings

Builtrix helps you identify and capture opportunities to reduce energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.


Efficiency Across Properties

For those managing multiple properties, Builtrix simplifies energy management across your portfolio, saving you time and effort.


Zero Capex

You don't need to invest in upfront costs to buy hardware and sensors. We use existing smart meters and utility accounts.

What type of Energy Data we collect?

Granular Metering Data

  • Energy Consumption

  • Energy Production (Solar, Wind,…)

  • Granular data (15 minutes)

  • Demand, History (up to 2 years)

  • Source of Electricity (Renewable, non-Renewable)

Electricity Tariffs

Energy Pricing

Energy Tariffs

Weather Data

By Location,

Heating-Cooling Day,

Weather Normalization

Carbon Data

Carbon Intensity by consumption sources, Granular Data (Hourly)


Discover all the tools you need for effortless global property and building monitoring.

Energy Score

Accurate consumption Prediction

Cost Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Usage Pattern Recognition

Simple, Easy-to-use Access

How it works ?


Customer Digital Authorization

Customer digitally authorizes Builtrix to have access to their energy data. This include access to their utility data or Electricity consumption & production data through grid operator (E-REDES).


Automatic Data Collection

Builtrix automatically collects customer energy data from Utility provider. We do this through our integration and data connectors with utility and grid operators.


Automatic Data Sharing

Builtrix provides energy data to customers or any other third party customer authorized in a standardized and secure way.

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