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Builtrix Energy Platform

Builtrix's Energy Data Platform simplifies energy data collection, delivering significant time and cost savings for experts in energy and sustainability. We unify diverse data types, integrate various sources seamlessly, and use proprietary algorithms for actionable insights. 

Platform Features

Cloud-base Energy Data Platform


Global Portfolio

See the bigger picture of energy consumption and production efficiency on a global scale. Understand how your properties compare on an international level.


Trend Prediction

By foreseeing energy consumption patterns and efficiency trends, our platform empowers clients to make proactive decisions. This means not only cost savings but also the ability to fine-tune energy strategies in advance, reducing operational disruptions and environmental impact. 



Our Benchmarking feature simplifies the process of identifying underperforming buildings and directs your investment efforts where they can yield the highest returns. By focusing your resources on areas with the greatest potential, you ensure every investment is a step towards increased efficiency and profitability. With Builtrix, you make data-driven decisions that not only save resources but also maximize your returns on investment.


Solar Potentiality

Our PV (Photovoltaic) Potentiality feature is designed to provide building owners with a clear roadmap for harnessing the sun's energy. It starts by helping you understand how much rooftop space is available on your buildings. Then, it guides you on the optimal sizing of PV panels to maximize energy generation.

Data Type

  • Electricity, Gas, Heating & Cooling, Indoor climate, Weather, Solar panel production, and Business data; with Builtrix data ingestion solution, all of your buildings’ consumption and production data are easily-collected, unified, and organized.

Data Source

  • Whether you have a smart meter, sub-metering system, IoT systems, other sensors, or Energy/Building management solution; our data pipeline can automatically ingest & collect your data.

Insight & Recommendation

  • Beyond pinpointing inefficiencies in energy consumption, our solution guides optimizing efficiency and effectively lowering carbon emissions. By translating data into practical solutions, Builtrix empowers facility managers, energy service providers, and ESG consultants to make informed decisions that drive sustainable energy practices and contribute to a greener future.


  • Start small and go BIG!

  • Scalability is designed from day one. You can start on a small scale, test it, customize it, and easily scale it to your building portfolio, anywhere in the world.

Remote Deployment

  • Our technology does not require any hardware installation. We integrate with your existing solutions.


  • We use enterprise-grade security systems and policies that ensure your data is secure and safe.


  • Privacy is at the heart of Builtrix's solution. Our solution is complying with EU and regional data privacy regulations ensuring that sensitive  and personal data are properly collected, stored, and documented.

Builtrix's Energy Data Platform brings tangible value by streamlining energy management, providing insights, and enhancing the overall sustainability and efficiency of building portfolios.

Seamless Utility Data Integration with Data Connectors

Our Data Connectors feature is the bridge that connects your utility accounts and data to the Builtrix Energy Platform. This automation enables Builtrix to effortlessly collect comprehensive utility data, including water, gas, and electricity usage, while also incorporating tariff information, costs, and financial data.

The result? A well-structured, standardized dashboard that not only saves your valuable time but also ensures that you receive accurate and timely data for utility consumption. With Builtrix's Data Connectors, we make managing and analyzing utility information a breeze, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Electricity Data Connector

Gas Data Connector

Water Data Connector

Ad-Hoc Data Connector

What type of Energy Data we collect?

  • Energy Consumption

  • Energy Production (Solar, Wind,…)

  • Granular data (15 minutes)

  • Demand, History (up to 2 years)

  • Source of Electricity (Renewable, non-Renewable)

Electricity Tariffs

Energy Pricing

Energy Tariffs

Weather Data

By Location,

Heating-Cooling Day,

Weather Normalization

Carbon Data

Carbon Intensity by consumption sources, Granular Data (Hourly)

Our Solutions

We empower property managers and owners to make informed energy decisions with zero upfront capital investment. our automated energy data collection simplifies understanding energy consumption, uncovering savings in properties and buildings.

Builtrix's energy data platform enables sustainability directors and managers to streamline the preparation of sustainability reports by providing accurate, standardized, and traceable carbon footprint data for their offices and properties. This solution can be used to get sustainability certifications and undergo audits with confidence.

Builtrix's automated data collection simplifies obtaining customer energy data, peak loads, and consumption profiles. It shortens the time required to prepare proposals for solar and storage projects using Builtrix's energy data platform.

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  • How does Builtrix collect data from different sources?
    Builtrix can collect data from sources like smart meters, sub-metering systems, IoT systems, sensors, and energy/building management solutions through data connectors. It offers a seamless data ingestion solution to unify and organize your data.
  • Is Builtrix scalable for different portfolios?
    Yes, Builtrix is designed for scalability. You can start with a small-scale deployment and easily scale it to cover all your building portfolios, no matter where they are located.
  • Does Builtrix require hardware installation for deployment?
    No, Builtrix's technology is designed for remote deployment and does not require any hardware installation.
  • How does Builtrix ensure data security and privacy?
    Builtrix uses enterprise-grade security systems and complies with EU and regional data privacy regulations to ensure your data is secure and your privacy is protected.
  • What are the benefits of using Builtrix's Data Connectors feature?
    The Data Connectors feature automates the collection of utility data, including water, gas, and electricity usage. It provides accurate and timely data for utility consumption, saving your time and enabling confident data-driven decisions.
  • What kind of data does the Data Connectors feature collect?
    The Data Connectors feature collects granular data on energy consumption, energy production (including solar and wind), electricity tariffs, energy pricing, weather data by location, and grid carbon data. This data is critical for energy management and sustainability efforts.
  • How can Builtrix help with energy management, sustainability, and solar projects?
    Builtrix's platform empowers property managers and owners to make informed energy decisions, streamlines sustainability reporting, and shortens the time required to prepare proposals for solar and storage projects by providing accurate and traceable energy data.
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