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Solar & Storage

Do you need a customer bill for the Solar & Storage quotation?

With Builtrix's automated data connectors, we effortlessly collect and standardize customer consumption load profiles from smart meters, eliminating the need for manual data collection and verification.

What type of Energy Data we provide?

  • Energy Consumption

  • Energy Production (Solar, Wind,…)

  • Granular data (15 minutes)

  • Demand, History (up to 2 years)

Electricity Tariffs

Energy Pricing

Energy Tariffs

Weather Data

By Location,

Heating-Cooling Day,

Weather Normalization

Roof Top area

Available roof top area

Exploring Solar Panels

Reliable Solar & Storage Calculation

Builtrix accelerates time to proposal with automated collections of Energy Data.


Shorter time to Proposal

You don't need to collect manually customers electricity bills. Our data connectors get customer energy data automatically. So, you can focus on your core business.


Time Savings

We cut the long process of electricity bill collection & verification to just a few clicks.


Cost Savings

We save thousands of Euros for solar companies by saving cost for manual electricity bill collection and verification.


Reliable RoI Calculation

Show your customer the RoI of their solar and storage projects based on their actual electricity load curve. 


All features you need for Solar & Storage projects in one platform

API Access

Energy Pricing & Tarrifs

Consumption Load Profile

Automatic Energy Data collection

Reporting and Visualization

Simple, Easy-to-use 

How it works ?


Customer Digital Authorization

Customer digitally authorizes Builtrix to have access to their energy data. This include access to their utility data or Electricity consumption & production data through grid operator (E-REDES).


Automatic Data Collection

Builtrix automatically collects customer energy data from Utility provider. We do this through our integration and data connectors with utility and grid operators.


Automatic Data Sharing

Builtrix provides energy data to customer and Solar company in order to create Solar and Storage proposals.

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