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Webinar: Data-driven Sustainability in Tourism

Watch our webinar to explore the role of technology in advancing sustainable tourism.

Join special guests Ana Avelar, Project Manager at Bestravel, and Cristina Salsinha from Turismo de Portugal, as they share insights on using data to achieve sustainability goals in tourism. Javad Hatami, CEO of Builtrix, will also explore how innovative solutions in technology are reshaping the tourism and hospitality sector, facilitating energy savings and promoting a greener future.


This webinar is your chance to connect, learn, and contribute to the sustainable evolution of the tourism industry. Be a part of this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Our speakers will guide you through:

■ Streamlined Data Collection for Energy and Carbon Footprint

■ Leveraging Technology for Sustainable Transformation

■ Proactive Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Tourism

■ Communicating Sustainability Achievements Effectively

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