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Meet Builtrix team in FITUR 2024, Madrid

Jan 22, 2024

Meet Builtrix team at FITUR 2024 in Madrid! 🌍

FITUR is an international event dedicated to tourism & hospitality. This year's theme in FITUR is sustainability. Builtrix mission is to champion sustainability in the hospitality sector, aiding hoteliers in monitoring, tracking, and disclosing carbon emissions. 🏨

Join us as we network and partner with innovative companies in the field.

Builtrix Platform helps hotel managers:

  1. Monitor energy consumption in their hotels. ⚡

  2. Track and report carbon emissions in their properties. 📊

All of this with ZERO upfront cost!

Our goal is to provide a solution that seamlessly integrates with clients' workflows, making carbon accounting an easy task.  Javad Hatami and Pedro Chung will participate in the FITUR on 24,25 and 26 Jan 2024.

If you're at FITUR and want to know more, send an email to to book a meeting. Let's make sustainability effortless! 🌿🤝

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