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user, May 2, 2023

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Builtrix Partners with EOSC DIH to Develop EnergyDeel, a Deep Learning Model for Energy Time Series in Local Communities.

Builtrix, a fast-growing provider of energy intelligence solutions for commercial buildings, is set to develop an innovative MVP called EnergyDeel, which will utilize the services of the European Open Science Cloud Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH). The MVP will leverage deep learning models to identify the operational state and power consumption of individual electrical loads, using only the aggregated consumption from the central smart meter as input.

The major challenge facing the adoption of smart buildings is the high cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining numerous IoT devices and sensors. However, reports indicate that the capital cost for the installation of each electricity smart meter is more than 200 EUR. This cost, coupled with the inconvenience caused to occupants during installation, makes it difficult for property owners/managers to invest in them. Additionally, the deployment of a large-scale sensor network, connectivity, data collection, and storage could lead to increased electronic waste and carbon emissions.

To address these challenges, Builtrix will partner with the EOSC DIH to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for EnergyDeel. The EOSC DIH provides access to digital technologies and services such as HTC, HPC, cloud computing, machine learning, research data, data management services, and several tools and applications, which will be leveraged to develop the EnergyDeel prototype.

In collaboration with EOSC DIH, Builtrix will test the EnergyDeel prototype with its customers’ buildings, and reach several KPIs as part of the project’s work plan. This work is/was co-funded by the EOSC Future project under the European Union Horizon Programme call INFRAEOSC-03-2020 – Project ID 101017536.

About Builtrix:

Builtrix is a fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solutions for energy experts, consultants, and facility managers. Builtrix has a cloud-based solution that combines big data analytics and artificial intelligence with energy efficiency. Its’ SaaS solution enables facility and property managers, energy services providers, and consultants to understand energy consumption, analyze usage patterns as well as inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real time. Its energy Intelligence solution supports companies to achieve their energy efficiency and decarbonization goals. For more information, please visit the Builtrix website


EOSC DIH is an international and multi-partner cooperation that supports companies in easily accessing the digital technologies and services offered by the EOSC. It combines 4 main pillars to help companies become more competitive:  Pilot design and co-design, Technical access, Training & Support, and Visibility. For more information, please visit the EOSC DIH

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Vodafone Power Lab, Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira 4A, 1600-312

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