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Choose the ideal plan for your business needs

Free Plan:

Basic Monitoring: Access to energy consumption data for all your buildings, collected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Data Visualisation: Intuitive interface that presents energy consumption in a clear and detailed way.

Consumption Reports: Generation of reports that help understand consumption patterns.

Premium Plan:

Advanced Monitoring: Access to detailed consumption data, including analysis of invoices and other sources of energy data.

Personalised Reports: Advanced, custom reports that provide in-depth insights to optimize energy efficiency.

Analysis and Recommendations: Analysis tools that identify savings opportunities and provide practical recommendations.

Dedicated Support: Access to expert technical support to ensure you are getting the most out of our platform.

Choose the ideal plan for your business needs

Free Plan:

Premium Plan:

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"We were in the Sustainability certification process and one of the requirements was monitoring the buildings' energy consumption.
After analyzing several options, we considered that the Builtrix solution was the one that best responded to our needs, organizational structure, size and simplicity of implementation.
The full availability of the Builtrix team contributed greatly to this decision, whose priority was always responding to our needs, but also adding value to the standard offer."

Ana Avelar, Project Manager, Bestravel

  • How does Builtrix collect data from different sources?
    Builtrix can collect data from sources like smart meters, sub-metering systems, IoT systems, sensors, and energy/building management solutions through data connectors. It offers a seamless data ingestion solution to unify and organize your data.
  • Is Builtrix scalable for different portfolios?
    Yes, Builtrix is designed for scalability. You can start with a small-scale deployment and easily scale it to cover all your building portfolios, no matter where they are located.
  • Does Builtrix require hardware installation for deployment?
    No, Builtrix's technology is designed for remote deployment and does not require any hardware installation.
  • How does Builtrix ensure data security and privacy?
    Builtrix uses enterprise-grade security systems and complies with EU and regional data privacy regulations to ensure your data is secure and your privacy is protected.
  • What are the benefits of using Builtrix's Data Connectors feature?
    The Data Connectors feature automates the collection of utility data, including water, gas, and electricity usage. It provides accurate and timely data for utility consumption, saving your time and enabling confident data-driven decisions.
  • What kind of data does the Data Connectors feature collect?
    The Data Connectors feature collects granular data on energy consumption, energy production (including solar and wind), electricity tariffs, energy pricing, weather data by location, and grid carbon data. This data is critical for energy management and sustainability efforts.
  • How can Builtrix help with energy management, sustainability, and solar projects?
    Builtrix's platform empowers property managers and owners to make informed energy decisions, streamlines sustainability reporting, and shortens the time required to prepare proposals for solar and storage projects by providing accurate and traceable energy data.
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