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Builtrix is a fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solution for energy experts, consultants and facility managers. Builtrix has a cloud-based solution that combines big data analytics and artificial intelligence with energy efficiency. Its' solution enables facility and property managers, energy services providers and consultants to understand the energy consumption, analyze usage patterns as well as inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real time. It supports companies to optimize the energy efficiency of their buildings and to reduce carbon emissions.

Our mission is to empower energy experts, facility managers, and consultants to make informed decisions about their energy consumption, reduce costs, and minimize their carbon footprint. We believe that by providing cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer support, we can help our clients create a more sustainable future for themselves and the planet.


Our vision is to create a more sustainable future for our clients and the planet. We are committed to helping our clients reduce their carbon emissions and improve their energy efficiency through our cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. By promoting sustainable practices and providing actionable insights, we hope to make a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.



Javad Hatami


CEO & Co-Founder

Javad is behind the overall strategy, product roadmap, sales & investor relationships (and he loves Tomatoes).


Mojtaba Kamarlouei


CTO & Co-Founder

Mojtaba is responsible for the technology road mapping, research, and operations.

Vodafone Power Lab, Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira 4A, 1600-312

Lisbon, Portugal

Vodafone Power Lab, Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira 4A, 1600-312

Lisbon, Portugal


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